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Spam block lists for exchange 2010 and 2007

Spam block lists for exchange 2010 and 2007

Fed up with spam.. Why not enable a block list in exhchange.

Adding the IP Block List provider to Exchange is very simple, just open up the Exchange Management Shell and run the command below:

Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name SORBIS -LookupDomain dnsbl.sorbs.net -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is on the SORBS block list“
Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name SpamCop -LookupDomain bl.spamcop.net -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is on the SpamCop block list“
Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name SpamHaus -LookupDomain zen.spamhaus.org -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is on the spamhaus.org block list“

After you add a IP block list provider you can run get-ipblocklistprovider to list all installed. If you want to delete a provider run Remove-IPBlockListProvider -identity <name> and hit enter.

A List of SMTP Servers for many ISP’s

ISP smtp server
NamesToday smtp.namestoday.ws
AOL Do not use SMTP
BlueYonder smtp.blueyonder.co.uk
BusinessServe smtp.businessserve.co.uk (aap.businessserve.co.uk for advanced access)
BTClick smtp.btclick.com
BT Internet mail.btinternet.com
BT Openworld mail.btopenworld.com
Cableinet smtp.blueyonder.co.uk
Claranet relay.clara.net
CWCom smtp.ntlworld.com
Demon post.demon.co.uk
Easynet smtp.easynet.co.uk
Freeserve smtp.freeserve.co.uk
Genie mail.genie.co.uk
ic24 smtp.ic24.net
Interdart mail.dsl.interdart.net
Iomart smtp.domain.ext
Lineone smtp.lineone.net
Lycos smtp.lycos.co.uk
Madasafish smtp.madasafish.com
Mistral smtp.mistral.co.uk
NamesToday smtp.namestoday.ws
Netscapeonline mailhost.netscapeonline.co.uk
Newnet post.newnet.co.uk
Nildram smtp.nildram.co.uk
NTLWorld smtp.ntlworld.com
OneTel mail.onetel.net.uk
Pipex smtp.dial.pipex.com
Purplenet smtp.purplenet.co.uk
Supanet smtp.supanet.com
Screaming.Net smtp.tiscali.co.uk
Telewest smtp.blueyonder.co.uk
Tesconet mail.tesco.net
Tiscali smtp.tiscali.co.uk
Totalise mail.totalise.co.uk
UKGateway smtp.ukgateway.net
V 21 smtp.v21.co.uk
Virgin smtp.virgin.net
Vispa mail.vispa.com
Waitrose smtpmail.waitrose.com
Which Online mail.which.net
Worldonline smtp.tiscali.co.uk
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com