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Dynamic DNS free Alternatives

DynDNS have  removed their free account service and now require customers to pay a  minimum of $30/yr for a basic account. If you've already registered an  account with DynDNS don't worry, existing customers on the free service won't need to start paying. This will only affect new customers that would like to register an account to manage remote equipment without the  need for a static IP. If you'd like to use a Dynamic DNS client, but  don't want to pay for service there are alternative options. The following Dynamic DNS clients are free of charge and are cross compatible with Cradlepoint and Peplink products: You  will find these options in the admin interface of either your  Cradlepoint or Peplink router. All you need to do is go to their website  and register an account, which will give you a unique domain to access  your devices remotely. If the main reason you use Dynamic DNS is for IP  Cameras.  If you use a CloudCam you don't have to worry about Dynamic DNS clients  or additional fees, simply plug them in and enter your Cam ID and  Password! Eulinx plan to introduce a new service soon keep tuned for more information.