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Cheat sheet for Total Annihilation


+ANTIALIAS     Toggles antialiasing on 3d models. +ATM    Gives you 1000 metal and energy. +BIGBROTHER    Scrolls through your units. +BPS    Shows data transfer rate in a multiplayer game. +CDSTART       Starts the CD music. +CDSTOP        Stops the CD Music. +CLOCK In-game clock addition. +COMBUSTION    Kill all other players' units. +COMPRESSIONTURNS      Multiplayer compression on / off.. +CONTOUR#      Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15. +CONTROL#      Control a different skirmish AI. +DITHER        Dithering instead of line-of-site. +DOUBLESHOT    All weapons do twice the damage. +FSHADOW       Takes away feature shadows. +GAMMA #       Changes screem gamma (0-20). +HALFSHOT      All weapons do half the damage. +HONK   Makes units honk when they stop. +ILOSE Causes you to lose. +INFARED       Toggles fog of war on / off. +IWIN   Causes you to win. +KILL# Kills off a player, where # is 0-4 . +KILL   Kills all units (including yours). +LIGHT Hide the shaded object (?). +LOGO   Change your color (not tested in multiplayer). +LOS # Toggles line of sight settings. +LUSHEE        Limited resource increase. +MAKEPOSTER    Makes a huge BMP file of the current map. +MAPPING       Covers the screen with darkness. +METEOR        Causes a random meteor shower. +MUSICMODE #   Changes type of CD music being played. +NANOLATHING   Nanolathing 2X but also -2X metal usage. +NETSTATS      Makes BPS counter go mad, then go normal. +NOENERGY      Drops your energy to 0. +NOMETAL       Drops your metal to 0. +NOSHAKE       Toggles antialiasing on 3d models. +NOWISEE       Full map, no LOS. +RADAR 100% radar coverage. +RELOADAIPROFILES      Reloads the AI. +SCREENCHAT    Enable/disable chat text in multiplayer. +SETI   Toggle minimap on / off. +SETSHAREENERGY #      Shares energy while keeping # amount for yourself. +SETSHAREMETAL #       Shares metal while keeping # amount for yourself. +SFX    Enable/disable sound effects. +SHADOW        Removes shadow from buildings. +SHAREENERGY   Shares energy with your allies. +SHAREMAPPING Shares map info with your allies. +SHAREMETAL    Share metal with your allies. +SHOOTALL      Makes your units fire at everything the enemy has. +SING   Makes units sing when ordered. +SWITCHALT     Switch squads with # keys only. +TILT   Max out men and material (?) +TSHADOW       Takes away shadowing on units. +VIEW# 100% radar coverage. +ZIPPER        100% radar coverage.