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 Eulinx provide excellent and affordable IT Contingency Support to business and home users. With affordable solutions and reliable support that can keep your business on track even when the worst happens.


Understanding that sometimes a job can take longer than anticipated and so we are flexible with our pricing. Understandably most people don't have absorbent amounts of money to hand usually so we are negotiable on our costs to keep the impact to your business to a minimum.

Eulinx offer on and off site backup solutions, regular on site visits to ensure the health of your systems and of course remote support to get you working as soon as possible. We are pro-active in our approach and will monitor your installation, repair, update and pre-empt problems from arising.  

We perform regular anti virus, malware and security analys on all of our clients networks to ensure that down time due to malicious activity is kept to a minimum. Eulinx only use Honest and reliable staff who know that the relationship between us and our clients is essential at all times. 

We offer confidential and secure support to be able to give the confidence to our clients to call us even in the more embarrassing situations.

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