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Eulinx VOIP



How does it work.

The easy way to explain this is.. Instead of having a dedicated line coming into your building (as is the conventional way) you make all of your calls via your internet connection.  Now this may seem a little technical, but the reality is that you are making calls just as you would on a normal copper wire to the ring a ding thing on your desk.  But with the added bonus that now you have the benefits of..
  • No need to loose calls as you are out of the office
  • Contact staff or transfer calls to home etc for home teleworking.
  • Cheaper phone calls
  • Cheaper line rental
  • Non Geographic Number     (be it 0800, 0845, 0870 and Premium Rate Lines)
  • Voicemail, call menus, call waiting, on hold music and all the other trimmings you would expect from an expensive system.
  • Make your telecom's solution work to help  your company. Oh and Earn Revenue from your line!
  • Low cost install - Usually less than a  quarter of the price of a usual system with the same features!
so all in all its a bit of a win win situation for your business.  It is now in the real world the most commonly used form of communication as nearly all new phone systems employ VOIP technology in one way or another. Eulinx offer a complete managed solution for your business needs.  We can cater for small to large to enterprise installations offering low cost calls at a low install price with monitoring statistics and other features you only dreamed of before. Many companies shy away from upgrading their existing systems due to costs, but in fact installing a VOIP system can save you a lot in not only money but also the benefits to the functionality of your business are endless.. Contact us today for more information and or a free impartial chat about what we can do for you

IT Contingency Support

Eulinx provide confidential and friendly support with affordable working solutions and IT Contingency Support to business and home users.  Based on the Staffordshire / Cheshire boarder we have been giving support to  Stoke On Trent, Crewe, Congleton, Stafford... Nation wide to International response to give our clients support no matter where they may be.  

Eulinx Hosting

Eulinx offer Remote hosting of servers and web sites at affordable prices.  For WWW, Application or backup servers, we are confident that we can provide a solution that will give the reliable solution you are looking for.


Welcome to Eulinx. IT Contingency Support, Analysis, Maintenance, Hosting, Software & Server Support, Business Consultancy and System Integration Business Continuity Consultants. We offer both Remote and On site repair of everything from a slow computer to virus removal or even network cabling or analysis.  We provide one off support to managed solutions for large to small to individuals with honest and confidential support at an affordable price.

In House Assistance

Got IT staff but they go on holiday, off sick or just need a helping hand.. We also offer external penetration testing to disaster recovery planning. Think of us as being the IT department you always wanted. We provide personal one to one assistance with hands on and dedicated support staff to meet the needs of your company to keep your IT infrastructure running like it should.

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