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Brother Printer Replace Toner Cartridge Message , Reset brother toner cartridge

Problem: Replace Toner cartridge message on Brother printer MFC-7860 DW, Printer stopped printing

Solution 1: Following is a hack to reset the cartridge so that after you refilled it

Working hack for an MFC 7860DW
1) Open front cover
2) Press and release “CLEAR” button
3) Message “Reset drum” appears on display with options 1 (Yes) or 2 (No).
4) Enter following combination : *12
5) On display appears “accepted”
6) Close cover and problem is solved.

Solution 2: This is a standard procedure to be enabled on Brother USA site

Problem: Replace toner message and your brother printer has stopped printing

Solution: Enable continuous mode

What is Brother MFC continuous mode ?

The print life of Brother toner cartridges is based upon their ability to continue to achieve guaranteed print quality. As the toner cartridge is used, the supply of available toner is consumed and the functional components become physically worn. The LED indication to replace toner cartridge flashes when the supply of toner and/or material deterioration reach a level at which the print quality can no longer be guaranteed.

You can continue printing with the toner cartridge beyond its estimated print life by enabling “Continue Mode”.

How to enable Continuous Mode ?

Press the GO button 7 times (quickly). All of the LEDs should flash twice, and the Ready LED should turn on. Continue mode is now enabled.

To disable Continue Mode, please follow the steps below:

Press the GO button 7 times (quickly). All of the LEDs should flash once. Continue mode is now disabled.


Spam block lists for exchange 2010 and 2007

Spam block lists for exchange 2010 and 2007

Fed up with spam.. Why not enable a block list in exhchange.

Adding the IP Block List provider to Exchange is very simple, just open up the Exchange Management Shell and run the command below:

Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name SORBIS -LookupDomain dnsbl.sorbs.net -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is on the SORBS block list“
Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name SpamCop -LookupDomain bl.spamcop.net -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is on the SpamCop block list“
Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name SpamHaus -LookupDomain zen.spamhaus.org -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is on the spamhaus.org block list“

After you add a IP block list provider you can run get-ipblocklistprovider to list all installed. If you want to delete a provider run Remove-IPBlockListProvider -identity <name> and hit enter.

Blank page (auth.owa Http 500) when logging into Outlook Web Access running on Exchange 2010

OK.. after a few updates have noticed that the OWA was not working .  Nothing new there..    No one  could access their e-mails via the web.

  Checking the IIS logs, I found that the error was 500 which indicated some kind of authentication error.

A little power-shell cmdlet you can run is Test-OWAConnectivity. So I ran the cmdlet and recieved WARNING: An unknown failure occurred during logon. So I checked IIS and ensured that all of the authentication was set correctly and indeed it was.  So after some poking around on the web I found out Exchange 2010 palms off the Forms Based Authentication to a separate Service called  Microsoft ExchangeForms-Based Authentication Service. Starting this service fixed the blank page issue and allowed clients to authenticate correctly. So simple cure to a blank problem.. make sure that  Microsoft ExchangeForms-Based Authentication Service is running...

Some useful wiring information

some useful wiring information..   Cable pin connections LAN Straight Cable (RJ-45) Pin Number To Pin Number 1  -  1 2 -  2 3  - 3 6 -  6 White Orange, Orange, White Green, Blue, White Blue, Green, White Brown, Brown.. LAN Cross Cable (RJ-45) Pin Number To Pin Number 1 -  3 2  - 6 3  - 1 6  - 2   Serial Cross Cable (D-sub 9 pin) Signal Name Pin Number To Pin Number Signal Name RD 2  - 3 TD TD 3  - 2 RD DTR 4 -  6 DSR SG  5  - 5 SG DSR  6  - 4 DTR RTS  7  - 8 CTS CTS  8  - 7 RTS   Hope these help  

change you key in office 2010 onwards..

It can be done via the command line.  Open up a Command Prompt (Press the Windows Button and type CMD or navigate to All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt).  Then you just need to use the command below that matches your OS.   For 32 bit Windows: cscript "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\OSPP.VBS" /inpkey:yourkeygoeshere   For 64 bit Windows (assuming you are using 32 bit Office): cscript "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\OSPP.VBS" /inpkey:yourkeygoeshere   Obviously, you need to replace yourkeygoeshere with your product key.   Note:  If you are installing a 64 bit version of Office on 64 bit Windows, the command for 32 bit Windows should be used (or just delete the (x86) part since it won't be installing to the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory).

Using the Group policy object (GPO) to set a default wallpaper policy

You can configure a Group Policy Object (GPO) that gets applied to the desired user accounts to do this.   In Group Policy Editor (GPE), navigate to User Configuration\Windows Settings\Administrative Templates\Desktop\ Active Desktop and enable Active Desktop Wallpaper. In the Properties dialog box of this policy, you specify the full pathname of a .jpg, .bmp, or .html file and select whether to centre, stretch, or tile the image. gpowallpaper For this policy to work, you must also Enable Active Desktop, which you'll find in the same policy folder.

Registry tweek to speed your windows kernel

If you have a PC with reasonable amount of Memory installed (lets say 512MB or a 1Gb) then this little registry tweak can help extract a little bit of an extra performance. Windows Kernel loads and runs from the memory and hence allows faster application execution. However, there can be a time when the kernel components can be paged onto the virtual memory (Pagefile.sys) on the hard disk. This can directly impact the performance.   The following resitry tweak will help you restrict Kernel to run from the memory and not paged out to the Virtual memory. 1. Click Start – Run, type “regedit” 2. Navigate to
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Control \Session Manager \Memory managment
3. In the right-pane, look for “DisablePagingExecutive” and set its value to  “1″ 4. Close the Registry Editor and restart This should restrict Windows Kernel to the memory alone and will not be paged to the Virtual Memory on the hard disk.

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms cheat codes

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms   Begin a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. Press [Enter] to display the message box. Press [Plus] and enter one of the following codes and press [Enter]. Note: Enter the code again to de-activate. atm-maximizes your mana bigbrother-CPU cycles through units clock-In-game clock f2menu-Display menu fogcolor [1-256]-Alternate fog color lightrange [1-20]-Change render lighting logo [1-9]-Alternate race color lotsablood-More blood makeposter-Screen shot nameunit [unit]-Rename indicated unit nowisee-shows full map quit-Exit to Windows rollingfog-Toggle rolling fog effects* selectunits-Deselect selected units vidmode-Change screen resolution wackyfog-Toggle wavy fog effects* wackywater-Toggle wavy water effects* *-Requires a 3D accelerator card   Many thanks to Josh for supplying these cheats!   Press [Enter] to display the message box. Press [Plus] and enter one of the following codes and press [Enter]. Note: Enter the code again to de-activate.   cdstart-Start/Stop Music combustion-Enemies Die dither-Dithering Instead of Line of Sight doubleshot-Weapons do Double Damage halfshot-Weapons do Half Damage ilose-Instant Loss infrared-Fog of War On/Off iwin-Instant Win kill 0-4-Kill Player # lushee-Limited Resource Increase meteor-Random Meteor Shower nanolathing-Nanolathing and Metal Using Doubled noenergy-No Energy nometal-No Metal radar-100% Radar Coverage shareradar-Share Radar Info shootall-Units Target All Enemies sing-Units Sing when Given Orders tilt-Maximum Men and Material view 0-4-View Player# Metal and Energy zipper-Faster Unit Building


Repel Well is the World's most revolutionary protective coating for fabrics. Utilizing the latest scientific breakthrough in Cross-Linking NanoTechnology, Repel Well provides a breathable, long lasting and superior barrier against liquids and stains. This is accomplished through a revolutionary manufacturing technique referred to as a Sol-Gel manufacturing process. This durable coating created is completely safe, quick and easy to apply as well as environmentally friendly. Repel Well is made from pure quartz sand and demineralized water that once applied, forms a thin layer of Si02(Silicon Dioxide) to the fabric. This can also be referred to as "Liquid Glass". Thanks to the properties of SiO2, now fabrics treated with this thin, invisible barrier, are now protected against everyday spills.    
  • Protects fabrics against stains and dirt build up
  • Extends fabric life by keeping your fabrics cleaner, longer.
  • Provides UV protection
  • Water Based formulation NOT Chemical Based
  • Maintains breathability of fabrics
  • Odor Free
  • Repels liquids and keeps fabrics dry
We are a green and chemical free product. View our Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for full details. Click here to view.
Just apply Repel Well to your favorite garment or fabric by an easy to use pump spray bottle. It is odorless, colorless, safe for animals and humans and doesn't effect the breathability of the fabric. It will also not change the appearance of the fabric whatsoever. (In fact it keeps your fabrics looking more vibrant longer, due to the UV protection it provides.) When applied to thin textiles, a cross linking bonding action takes place on an extremely microscopic or nano level(coating thickness: 50-100nm). The formulation bonds to the fibers in the textile and forms a shield or top layer on that fabric, which protects and repels liquid and dirt from absorbing into the fibers. The tighter the weave of the fabric the stronger repellence the fabric will have. That's why silks, suedes, satins and polyesters work the best. All fabrics will be protected if enough spray is applied. However, the thicker the fabric the more the fibers need to absorb and bond with in order to protect it best. So a heavier application may be needed.
Here's Just a Few Uses...(There are literally THOUSANDS!!)
  • Dress Shirts

  • Sneakers

  • Business attire

  • Kids clothes

  • Baseball/Golf Hats

  • Hand bags

  • Wedding Dress

  • Camping gear

  • Placemats

  • Silk Shirts

  • Ugg Boots

  • Expensive Silk Ties

  • Baby bibs

  • Baseball/Golf bags

  • Book Bags

  • Tuxedos

  • Fishing/Hunting Gear

  • Tablecloths

  • Pretty Blouses

  • All fabric shoes

  • Silk scarves

  • Strollers/ Car Seats

  • Team Jerseys

  • Fabric luggage

  • Sport coats/Jackets

  • Tailgating gear

  • Dining Chairs

To clean your fabric: Take a dry or slightly damp cloth and then blot the area the liquid didn't roll off of and the fabric will come clean. If a spot persists, you can simply place in a washer with just water and the agitation and water will rinse the fabric clean. And speaking of washing your fabrics treated with Repel Well... this will stay on the fibers for several washes, however, it will depend on the amount of use of the fabric, the detergents you wash with and the amount of coating you originally applied. Under normal washes and wear, a garment should stay protected for 8-10 washes. It is recommended to use less detergent when washing your treated garments as they'll not be as dirty and you can keep the coating on longer. Or, to make sure you're always protected just spray a small coating on your important fabrics every two or three months to keep your protection barrier in place for the long haul. The easiest way to test a fabric to see if you've applied enough spray is to coat the fabric and let dry for several hours. Then drop a little water on it and if it beads up then you've applied enough. To get the best performance, it is recommended to apply a medium first coat and then a lighter second coat. This is typically enough to coat most regular fabrics. Everyday stains a thing of the past, if you use Repel Well to protect your valuable garments or fabrics. Whether you want to stay dry longer or protect from stains that may occur during your daily activities... ...you can always count on Repel Well.
**Future Formulations:
Repel Well is currently available in our standard formulation. This is ideal for apparels, shoes, hats, handbags, gloves, paper products and other thinner type fabrics. We will be releasing our heavier fabric formulation called Repel Well Excel in the coming months. This formulation will be ideal for heavier fabrics such as furniture, patio cushions, awnings, rugs, curtains, heavy coats etc... We will also be releasing our Repel Well for Nonabsorbent Surfaces in the near future as well. This product will provide a protective, super hydrophobic barrier, perfect for stone, brick, concrete, countertops and other hard, nonabsorbent surfaces.
Now Watch Repel Well In Action.

SQL Joins..

Assume we have the following two tables.
 Table A is on the left, and Table B is on the right.
 We'll populate them with four records each.
A             B
id name       id  name
-- ----       --  ----
1  Pirate     1   Rutabaga
2  Monkey     2   Pirate
3  Ninja      3   Darth Vader
4  Spaghetti  4   Ninja
Let's join these tables by the name field in a few different ways and see if we can get a conceptual match to those nifty Venn diagrams.  
ON TableA.name = TableB.name

id  name       id   name
--  ----       --   ----
1   Pirate     2    Pirate
3   Ninja      4    Ninja
Inner join produces only the set of records that match in both Table A and Table B.    
Venn diagram of SQL inner join
ON TableA.name = TableB.name

id    name       id    name
--    ----       --    ----
1     Pirate     2     Pirate
2     Monkey     null  null
3     Ninja      4     Ninja
4     Spaghetti  null  null
null  null       1     Rutabaga       
null  null       3     Darth Vader
Full outer join produces the set of all records in Table A and Table B, with matching records from both sides where available. If there is no match, the missing side will contain null.
Venn diagram of SQL cartesian join
ON TableA.name = TableB.name

id  name       id    name
--  ----       --    ----
1   Pirate     2     Pirate
2   Monkey     null  null
3   Ninja      4     Ninja
4   Spaghetti  null  null
Left outer join produces a complete set of records from Table A, with the matching records (where available) in Table B. If there is no match, the right side will contain null.  
Venn diagram of SQL left join
ON TableA.name = TableB.name
WHERE TableB.id IS null

id  name       id     name
--  ----       --     ----
2   Monkey     null   null
4   Spaghetti  null   null
To produce the set of records only in Table A, but not in Table B, we perform the same left outer join, thenexclude the records we don't want from the right side via a where clause.
ON TableA.name = TableB.name
WHERE TableA.id IS null 
OR TableB.id IS null

id    name       id    name
--    ----       --    ----
2     Monkey     null  null
4     Spaghetti  null  null
null  null       1     Rutabaga
null  null       3     Darth Vader
To produce the set of records unique to Table A and Table B, we perform the same full outer join, then exclude the records we don't want from both sides via a where clause.
There's also a Cartesian product or cross join, which as far as I can tell, can't be expressed as a Venn diagram:
This joins "everything to everything", resulting in 4 x 4 = 16 rows, far more than we had in the original sets. If you do the math, you can see why this is a very dangerous join to run against large tables.   Many thanks to the original source of this..  and I hope it helps others..