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A handy link to the Microsoft page with the fix-it link What it fixes...

•Your CD or DVD Drive does not read or write and is shown as disabled •The media in your CD or DVD drive cannot be read •The media cannot be written to by your CD or DVD drive •You receive one of the following errors: •A class specific or device specific driver is missing or corrupt •A CD or DVD drive cannot be found or is not connected •The CD or DVD drive is experiencing a problem that prevents it from working properly •The CD or DVD drive is not accessible via an assigned drive letter



Repel Well is the World's most revolutionary protective coating for fabrics. Utilizing the latest scientific breakthrough in Cross-Linking NanoTechnology, Repel Well provides a breathable, long lasting and superior barrier against liquids and stains. This is accomplished through a revolutionary manufacturing technique referred to as a Sol-Gel manufacturing process. This durable coating created is completely safe, quick and easy to apply as well as environmentally friendly. Repel Well is made from pure quartz sand and demineralized water that once applied, forms a thin layer of Si02(Silicon Dioxide) to the fabric. This can also be referred to as "Liquid Glass". Thanks to the properties of SiO2, now fabrics treated with this thin, invisible barrier, are now protected against everyday spills.    
  • Protects fabrics against stains and dirt build up
  • Extends fabric life by keeping your fabrics cleaner, longer.
  • Provides UV protection
  • Water Based formulation NOT Chemical Based
  • Maintains breathability of fabrics
  • Odor Free
  • Repels liquids and keeps fabrics dry
We are a green and chemical free product. View our Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for full details. Click here to view.
Just apply Repel Well to your favorite garment or fabric by an easy to use pump spray bottle. It is odorless, colorless, safe for animals and humans and doesn't effect the breathability of the fabric. It will also not change the appearance of the fabric whatsoever. (In fact it keeps your fabrics looking more vibrant longer, due to the UV protection it provides.) When applied to thin textiles, a cross linking bonding action takes place on an extremely microscopic or nano level(coating thickness: 50-100nm). The formulation bonds to the fibers in the textile and forms a shield or top layer on that fabric, which protects and repels liquid and dirt from absorbing into the fibers. The tighter the weave of the fabric the stronger repellence the fabric will have. That's why silks, suedes, satins and polyesters work the best. All fabrics will be protected if enough spray is applied. However, the thicker the fabric the more the fibers need to absorb and bond with in order to protect it best. So a heavier application may be needed.
Here's Just a Few Uses...(There are literally THOUSANDS!!)
  • Dress Shirts

  • Sneakers

  • Business attire

  • Kids clothes

  • Baseball/Golf Hats

  • Hand bags

  • Wedding Dress

  • Camping gear

  • Placemats

  • Silk Shirts

  • Ugg Boots

  • Expensive Silk Ties

  • Baby bibs

  • Baseball/Golf bags

  • Book Bags

  • Tuxedos

  • Fishing/Hunting Gear

  • Tablecloths

  • Pretty Blouses

  • All fabric shoes

  • Silk scarves

  • Strollers/ Car Seats

  • Team Jerseys

  • Fabric luggage

  • Sport coats/Jackets

  • Tailgating gear

  • Dining Chairs

To clean your fabric: Take a dry or slightly damp cloth and then blot the area the liquid didn't roll off of and the fabric will come clean. If a spot persists, you can simply place in a washer with just water and the agitation and water will rinse the fabric clean. And speaking of washing your fabrics treated with Repel Well... this will stay on the fibers for several washes, however, it will depend on the amount of use of the fabric, the detergents you wash with and the amount of coating you originally applied. Under normal washes and wear, a garment should stay protected for 8-10 washes. It is recommended to use less detergent when washing your treated garments as they'll not be as dirty and you can keep the coating on longer. Or, to make sure you're always protected just spray a small coating on your important fabrics every two or three months to keep your protection barrier in place for the long haul. The easiest way to test a fabric to see if you've applied enough spray is to coat the fabric and let dry for several hours. Then drop a little water on it and if it beads up then you've applied enough. To get the best performance, it is recommended to apply a medium first coat and then a lighter second coat. This is typically enough to coat most regular fabrics. Everyday stains a thing of the past, if you use Repel Well to protect your valuable garments or fabrics. Whether you want to stay dry longer or protect from stains that may occur during your daily activities... ...you can always count on Repel Well.
**Future Formulations:
Repel Well is currently available in our standard formulation. This is ideal for apparels, shoes, hats, handbags, gloves, paper products and other thinner type fabrics. We will be releasing our heavier fabric formulation called Repel Well Excel in the coming months. This formulation will be ideal for heavier fabrics such as furniture, patio cushions, awnings, rugs, curtains, heavy coats etc... We will also be releasing our Repel Well for Nonabsorbent Surfaces in the near future as well. This product will provide a protective, super hydrophobic barrier, perfect for stone, brick, concrete, countertops and other hard, nonabsorbent surfaces.
Now Watch Repel Well In Action.