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Go E-Mither yourself..

Well its almost up there with the great tips but not quite on a par with the be careful when your zipping up your pants when you not got any underwear on tips

its the same old thing, you have an important file but just know that what ever you do you are going to lose it the next system fail. 

Well its simple, why not E-mail it to your self, especially good if you have a hotmail or other web based account.  

Now that  important document will sit and live happily in your inbox ready for the day when you need it.


Just a simple tip but it works.

Del Vostro V13 series Laptop – Hard disk errors

Its been a very long time since my hard drive died on my laptop, so when my dell decided to give up the ghost it could be said that I was not best pleased... Having stripped the machine down and done a whole load of diagnostics I have narrowed it down to 1 thing.  Well after research on the net and confirmation there appears to be a common fault with these devices.  The Hard drive cable between the mother board and the daughter board connecting to the hard drive appears to be faulty. its a fairly cheep fix (about £10 off ebay for a new cable) but its a whole pain in the lower back getting the device to bits in the first place. image   Its a matter of the screws on the underside, the 2 on the rear and then the usual man handling to slide the cover off the bottom.  Just a tip here, BE VERY CAREFUL when you clip up the connectors to the ribbon cable. They are fragile and a nightmare to replace.